When Jesus is your Valentine  (Loving The Lord) 

Valentines Day for Christian Singles on Down Lily Elizabeth Lane.
Valentines Day for Christian singles

Valentines Day can be one lonely feeling holiday when you are choosing to live a single life. You may know that you are walking in The Lord’s will for your life by choosing to remain single for a period of time. But whether it’s for a season of your life or for the rest of your life, there is something about the holidays that can make you want to revisit that decision.  Even when you’re surrounded by a wonderful support system,  there is just something about Valentines Day that makes you feel as if there’s a big neon sign over your head flashing words like “single” or “alone”. But instead of focusing on the loneliness we may feel we can choose to focus on the One that we know loves us – Jesus! 
   Choosing to focus on Jesus as the LOVER OF OUR SOUL, during Valentines Day, can help remind us why we have chosen to wait on the Lord in this area of your life.  It also helps to refocus our hearts on what you expect to gain by choosing to be alone during this time of your life.  
During my single days, I found that spending time with the Lord was all I needed to shake any feelings of loneliness.  When we dig into the Word of God we see that there are ways that we can show the Lord our love for him.  What better way is there to spend Valentines Day than to show the Lord our love.  So here are a couple of ways that the Bible tells us we can express our love for the Lord outwardly…


Following His word and keeping His commandments 

In John 14:1 Jesus said: If you love me,  keep my commandments. Keeping the Lord’s commandments means living a sinless life. but none of us are capable of living a sinless life apart from the power of the Holy Spirit. And even with the Holy Spirit working through us, there will be a battle.  But every day we face decisions about how we will choose to live that day. When we choose to turn away from sin and follow the Lords commandments, we also choose to show the Lord our love.

Ministering to His people.

 In St. John 21:17 Jesus asked Peter for the third time if Peter loved him.  When Peter replied Lord you know I love you,  Jesus said: “feed my sheep”.  Jesus was asking Peter to minister to the people. 
Ministering to the People means showing the Love of Christ to those in need.  Whether you oversee a big ministry or help individuals you see along your way, making a point to minister God’s love to people IS loving the Lord.  In Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus explains the way we treat others directly relates to the way we treat him.  So choosing to love others with the Love of Christ is the same as loving the Lord. 
Valentines Day can be difficult for those living a single life, but it doesn’t have to be. By making the right choices we can offer our love to Christ by loving His people and keeping his commandments. And we can never outgive God. Whatever we give to him, including our love, He will return to us. So go out and enjoy your Valentines Day, by loving your Lord


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