Using Social Media To Preserve Your Baby’s Memories Introduction

Using social media accounts to create memory books for babies and other interests. follow along at

I am an advanced maternal age mom. That simply means that I had a baby past the age of thirty-five. My  baby was born when I was forty-two. She wasn’t my first baby, she is my third. The second, my son, was born twenty years before my littlest girl. So when my little Lily was born I had a twenty-year-old and a twenty-four-year-old. Watching two grow into their twenties before your third one is born will really change your perspective on how fast time goes, and on how much can be lost and forgotten over the years.

Using social media accounts to create memory books for babies and other interests. follow along at
Social media memory books are a great way to quickly and easily make baby books or any kind of memory books. Join me on Mondays at Down Lily Elizabeth Lane to follow along and create your own baby or memory books.

Now my little Lily is getting ready to turn three, and I am still amazed at how time is flying by, and even more amazed by how little time I have seem to have to preserve her memories.

I vowed to myself before she was born that I would do a better job of keeping her memories preserved than I had done with my older two. I have managed to take a ton of pictures, and I have even used some great scrapbooking apps to start on digital scrapbooking. But every day now facebook is showing me Memories of things I’ve posted that I had already forgotten about. And I find that I am so thankful that I took the time to post some certain picture, or even that text only post of something amazing or funny that she said or did. Or some milestone preserved to the date by my social media account.

These social media baby memories made me start wondering  about really using social media to preserve her memories.  After all, there is no easier way to quickly capture a history making moment in time, and allowing that moment be loved and cherished for a life time. So after some thought, I decided that I would make an account just for my baby girl.

I am just beginning this new social media memory journaling journey  (there’s a mouthful for you). But, I thought some of you might want to come along with me. So I am starting a series about it, And about how to do it, on Down Lily Elizabeth Lane. This series will be called, Social Memory Making Mondays. 

Every Monday I will be posting about how you can make your own memory book /journal/record, using a social media account that you create just for that specific purpose. I will post picture and journaling prompts to help keep you going. By following along with me on, Down Lily Elizabeth Lane,  you will have more time to focus on what your posting without the fore thought of what should you be posting.

Each Monday I will post a quick assignment for you and you, but you will have a whole week to get it completed before moving on. This will ensure that even new moms and working moms (or dads, or grandmas, or aunts, or  fur-baby mommies) will have the opportunity keep up.

One of the most exciting things about this social media memory making to me is that it doesn’t  have to stay online. Now a days it is so easy to have books printed from your social media accounts. This means that you can create a baby book right online, and then have it printed out and mailed right to you. And by starting a social media account for just one child you won’t have other information on this account that you will need to sort through and get rid of before printing in book form. You will be in control of what type of information and picture content is showing up on the printed books: and, depending on how often you are up loading to your account, you can have books printed once a year, every six months or even more.

Along the way on Social Media Making Mondays, I will be sharing other tips and helps on how to create great content for you memory making accounts. Things that will show up beautifully both online and in printed book form. We will take a look at things like:

  • How and where to open accounts to be used for memory making.
  • How to take better pictures for the sole purpose of memory keeping and memory journaling
  • How to take pictures of pictures
  • How to edit your pictures specifically for the purpose of memory making and journaling by doing things like adding text to your pictures.
  • What are the best apps to use to help you along, and how to you use them
  • And lots more!

I really hope your going to go along with me on this journey of memory making through social media. If your ready to get started then go to week  Setting Up Your Social Media Memory Account (coming soon) . 

Hope to see you on Mondays.

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