My favorite Christmas Music Playlists 

You need this rundown of my favorite Christmas music Playlists in your life and not just for Christmas!

I listen to Christmas music all year long. I usually take a short break starting somewhere in March, but no later than July, I am ready for Christmas music again.

Music Playlists are a great way to set and keep a musical mood going in your home, your car, your life! Start the Playlist playing and it will continue to give you music for 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on which playlist you choose.

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Christmas Cards Are Making  A Comeback  

Christmas Cards Are Making A Comeback, Here's some tips to get your cards mail-ready. From
Christmas Cards Are Making A Comeback, Here are some tips to get your cards mail-ready. From

Christmas cards are making a comeback. Hooray! I love receiving Christmas cards,  they make me remember the Christmases from my childhood.  Are you planning on sending out Christmas cards this year?  If so, you may want to start making your lists, and checking them twice,  to be sure your cards are ready to mail on time. 

Christmas Card Love Is A Multigenerational Affair 

If you’re a  Baby boomer or a Gen Xer,  then your memories of Christmases past probably include visions of  Christmas cards dancing in your head.  In the 70s,  when I was growing up,  the Christmas cards that your family had received  were as much a part of the decorations as the ornaments on the Christmas tree.  And sometimes,  the ornaments on your tree were made from the Christmas cards your family had received in years past.

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