Old Fashioned Pumpkin Bread Recipe 

If you’ve ever tasted my mother’s pumpkin bread then it’s likely you’ve never forgotten it. She’s been asked many times over the years if she would  make it and sell it.  She has never made it to sell but she’s stayed busy through the years just making it for family and friends.   

I asked mom recently if she would mind if I shared this much-loved recipe and she happily agreed. I never remember this recipe being new in our family,  I’ve been eating it all of my life. So I asked her if she remembered where and when she had received this recipe. She told me that she had received this pumpkin bread recipe tucked inside of a Christmas card. She said that the Christmas card was given to her sometime during the 60’s, at church, from an older woman. This woman had said that she had raised her own children while often feeding them this pumpkin bread, and encouraged my mother, who was then the mother of young children, to give this recipe a try. My mom did and the rest is history in our family.

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Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies

Brown Sugar & Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe

Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe From downlilyelizabethlane.com
Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe

We take no-bake cookies very seriously in my family. We were taught to make them by our Mother, and we have in turn taught our own children how to make them. It’s almost a rite of passage when we are able to make our first batch all on our own. We’ve been known to eat them for any meal of the day, and then follow that meal up with a few more for

…And keeping it in the family, my cousin Ed and his wife Linda were my inspiration for this new no-bake recipe.  One night Ed decided to try brown sugar instead of white sugar in his no bake cookies. Linda then posted on thier facebook page about how good they turned out.

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