Raindrops On Roses & My Favorite  Photo Editing Apps And Sites 

During Social Memory Mondays I will often be suggesting that you add information to a picture by adding text. Here's a list of my favorite photo editing apps and sites. From downlilyelizabethlane.com
My Favorite Photo Editing Apps And Sites from downlilyelizabethlane.com

While we are doing Social Memory Mondays I will often be suggesting that you add information to a picture by adding text.   You can do this by using a photo editing program  on your computer ,  or photo editing apps on your tablet or smart phone. So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in one post.

All of these programs and apps are free to use,  but most will make purchases or paid versions available to you if you find you need something more than what is available for free. I don’t currently pay for any of my photo editing tools.  Everything you see on my blog  is something that has been made with one of the free versions of these apps or programs.  So my suggestion is to start with the free versions and upgrade later if you find you need too. 

Learning To Use Photo Editing Apps & Programs 

The best way to learn how to use these photo editing tools is to just start playing around with them.  But if you feel completely  lost you can search for video tutorials that will show you how to use them. These days,  most teenage girls will be familiar with photo editing tools,   so asking a teen family member or friend for help is also a great way to start learning.  

Now let’s get started,  here’s  my favorites list.  

On A Computer 

PicMonkey  I have used PicMonkey so many times for free.  They have wonderful  tools and a great sense of humor too.  There are a lot of tutorials available to learn how to use PicMonkey,  you can find them by searching  Pinterest,  YouTube,  or just by liking and following the PicMonkey Facebook page.  I have yet to pay for photo editing online,  but if I decide to at some point,  PicMonkey will be at the top of my list.  You can get a free trial period  of their paid features when you sign up.  They also now have an app,  but it is not currently available on all devices.  Unfortunately it’s not yet available for my tablet.

Canva I have just recently  started using Canva,  but I have already used it a lot.  Like PicMonkey there are a lot of tutorials available to help you learn how to use it, and there is so much to do for free.  I find myself going to Canva often specifically to use some of their text tools.  Canva also has a lot templets available for getting you started on all different kinds of projects.

Photo Editing Apps for tablets or smartphones

Snapseed   Snapseed  is my go-to app for photo editing.  I use snapseed more than any other photo app.  The only problem I have  with snapseed is that I wish it had more text options available .  Sometimes  I will edit my photos  with snapseed,  save and then reopen somewhere else to add text.

Pixlr  Pixlr is my favorite way to make a photo collage.  They also have great ,snapseed like,  editing tools.  So when making a photo collage,  this is a one app full-service stop for me.

Textgram I have personally just started working with textgram but it seems to have a lot of promise.  You can use your own photo and add text or they have backgrounds you can use and add text too.  Using their backgrounds can be a quick and easy way to get informational text photos into your memory books with out the hassle of taking or looking for photos to use as backgrounds.  So if you feel photographically challenged,  this could definitely be a good app for you.

For now this is a short list,  but  I am sure I will revise and add to it as I try new apps out.  These will definitely get you going with Social Memory Mondays and will help you add information to your photos by adding texts.  And, if you’re like me,  they will keep you occupied for hours of fun.

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