Raindrops On Roses & My Favorite  Photo Editing Apps And Sites 

During Social Memory Mondays I will often be suggesting that you add information to a picture by adding text. Here's a list of my favorite photo editing apps and sites. From
My Favorite Photo Editing Apps And Sites from

While we are doing Social Memory Mondays I will often be suggesting that you add information to a picture by adding text.   You can do this by using a photo editing program  on your computer ,  or photo editing apps on your tablet or smart phone. So I wanted to share some of my favorites with you in one post.

All of these programs and apps are free to use,  but most will make purchases or paid versions available to you if you find you need something more than what is available for free. I don’t currently pay for any of my photo editing tools.  Everything you see on my blog  is something that has been made with one of the free versions of these apps or programs.  So my suggestion is to start with the free versions and upgrade later if you find you need too. 

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Using Instagram To Record Your Baby's First Year And Beyond

Using Instagram To Record Your baby’s  First Year – And Beyond 

Using Instagram To Record Baby's First Year- And Beyond From
Using Instagram To Record Baby’s First Year- And Beyond From

If you’re ready to start using social media to make a baby memory account, and even printable baby books, then let’s talk about some of the reasons you should use Instagram to record your baby’s first year, and even beyond the first year.

To be honest, when I began thinking about opening up a social media account, to use for making memory books, Instagram wasn’t my first choice. Facebook was.

The way that Facebook is set up is perfect for the memory making accounts that I have in mind, however,  the Facebook terms of service policy make it almost impossible to  use Facebook in this way.

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Using Social Media To Preserve Your Baby’s Memories Introduction

I am just beginning this new social media memory journaling journey (there's a mouthfull for you). But, I thought some of you might want to come along with me. So I am starting a series about it, And about how to do it, on Down Lily Elizabeth Lane. This series will be called, Social Memory Making Mondays.


Old Fashioned Pumpkin Bread Recipe 

If you’ve ever tasted my mother’s pumpkin bread then it’s likely you’ve never forgotten it. She’s been asked many times over the years if she would  make it and sell it.  She has never made it to sell but she’s stayed busy through the years just making it for family and friends.   

I asked mom recently if she would mind if I shared this much-loved recipe and she happily agreed. I never remember this recipe being new in our family,  I’ve been eating it all of my life. So I asked her if she remembered where and when she had received this recipe. She told me that she had received this pumpkin bread recipe tucked inside of a Christmas card. She said that the Christmas card was given to her sometime during the 60’s, at church, from an older woman. This woman had said that she had raised her own children while often feeding them this pumpkin bread, and encouraged my mother, who was then the mother of young children, to give this recipe a try. My mom did and the rest is history in our family.

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Sticker Storage For Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

Have you seen these Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads? If not let me tell you about them.

Making a reusable sticker keeeper for Melissa & Doug reusable stickers. From
Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads
Making a reusable sticker keeeper for Melissa & Doug reusable stickers. From
Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads

They are the cutest things. Think Colorforms meet window clings.  They are like Colorforms because the come with a scene (actually they come with several per pad) and corresponding sticker sheets, and because they are reusable. They are like window clings because the stickers are made more like a window cling since they are made of a thinner vinyl than the old Colorforms I remember.

I loved Colorforms growing up. They were one of my favorite toys, and I spent my own money on many sets.  I only had two complaints about Colorforms, One complaint was that there weren’t enough scenes.  I didn’t want the Sesame Street gang to be stuck in the kitchen all day, and I didn’t want Holly Hobbie to be stuck in the same one room all day.

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Throw Pillows Made From Dollar Store Placemats

I have a fun DIY project to share with you today. These Autumn throw pillows, made from dollar store placemats, are a quick, and easy way to change up your home decor for the coming new season. Not to mention just how budget friendly they are. Quick, easy, and budget-friendly, just the kind of projects I like.

Take a look at how cute these finished pillows are…
Throw Pillows Made From Dollar Store Placemats.
Throw Pillows Made From Dollar Store Placemats.

And did I say budget friendly? Why yes I did. I purchased these placemats for just two dollars a piece at my local Dollar General store and used two placemats per pillow. I recycled  some stuffing from a very large throw pillow that was no longer being used and gave it a second chance at life. This meant each pillow cost me just $4.00.  Not bad at all considering that a quick google search for autumn throw pillows will produce results with prices ranging  between $19.00 and $80.00 per pillow.

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Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies

Brown Sugar & Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe

Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe From
Brown Sugar And Maple No-Bake Cookies Recipe

We take no-bake cookies very seriously in my family. We were taught to make them by our Mother, and we have in turn taught our own children how to make them. It’s almost a rite of passage when we are able to make our first batch all on our own. We’ve been known to eat them for any meal of the day, and then follow that meal up with a few more for

…And keeping it in the family, my cousin Ed and his wife Linda were my inspiration for this new no-bake recipe.  One night Ed decided to try brown sugar instead of white sugar in his no bake cookies. Linda then posted on thier facebook page about how good they turned out.

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