Do you Need to Spring Clean your Heart? Being Relationship Ready.   

Getting rid of the the junk and moving forward with The Lord.


Are you relationship ready?  Has the slate of your heart (and mind)  been wiped clean so that you are ready to begin something new?  Or are you still holding on to the clutter from seasons past?  A Spring cleaning of the heart can be very beneficial   before single Christians move forward into new relationships 
Are you trusting in God to direct your heart to the best possible mate for you?  Then doesn’t that person also deserve to receive the best YOU that you have to offer?
 We can never really be relationship presentable as long as we are holding on to clutter from our pasts. Memories from the past can be appealing because keep our minds busy. They also keep our focus away from the loneliness that can sometimes accompany the single life. Yet these same memories can also prevent us from moving forward in healthy new relationships.  
If you have spent time thinking about or praying for your future spouse,  then you have already considered how important it is that your future spouse has dealt with their past relationships. I am sure you are looking for someone who is ready to move forward into something new with you and not still holding on to thier pasts.  
 But have you done the same thing in your life?  Have you cleared away the clutter or have you packed it away in the back corners of your mind?   Out of sight but not completely out of reach.  

Spring Cleaning 

Spring cleaning our homes seems to come naturally.  When the first signs of warm weather start appearing we throw open the windows to allow fresh air to come in.  This not only allows us to breathe easier but it also seems to chase away our winter blues.  
Once the light starts streaming in it illuminates everything. Including the dust and clutter that has accumulated through the cold winter months. So we start to clean. And we throw open the doors and begin to haul away the junk no longer needed in our homes.
But it’s rare that we do the same kind of cleaning and clearing in our hearts and minds.  

What are you hiding from God?

Have you ever known someone frustrated with their current single status, but still focused on a past relationship? People who are close to us often see what we think we have hidden.
  You may feel like the past relationship memories and memorabilia that you have packed away in your mind aren’t hurting anything. but as long as we are holding on to the past we are not ready to embrace a new future.  
We are also not walking in faith.  We can never truly say we are trusting God with our hearts or our futures if all the while we are holding on to our pasts.   Or if we are holding on to a current relationship that we already know is not God ordained for our life.  
But some spring cleaning,  in the light of The Son, can help you to become relationship ready.  
When we pack things away in our minds we are often trying to hide them from the Lord.   But inviting the Lord in to have a look around, and help you do some spring cleaning, will gain you some freedom. Freedom that you hadn’t even realized you’d lost! 
There is a song by Shaun Groves called Welcome Home, that fits perfectly here.

Are you changing with the seasons?

 Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that there is a  season and a time to every purpose under heaven. Once a relationship ends, a mourning period is acceptable, but only for a season.  
There comes a point where that season changes and mourning the loss is no longer beneficial.  If you don’t let go and move on then the loss can become something else. Held over loss can become hurt,  unforgiveness and anger. Towards the person from your past or even towards God.  But truly inviting God in to Spring Clean your Heart can set you free and start you moving in a forward motion. 
 If you’re ready to make a change this spring then spend some time in prayer. Ask the Lord to come in and help spring clean your heart.  Ask The Lord to reveal to you anything left over from a season that should have already passed.  

Getting the Junk out

As The Lord begins to reveal the relationship leftovers to you don’t hide them away again.  This time talk them through with the Lord,  praying and receiving his wisdom over the matters.  We can’t change our pasts but with the Lord’s help, we can make the changes needed for a better future.  
This time, as you sort through the clutter, allow the Lord to help you to recognize what you should clear out of the closets. Not everything needs to be thrown out. Some memories should be filed away under lessons learned or recipes for future success.
 Some prayers of repentance may need to take place. It is important to accept the responsibility for our part in failed relationships. We also need to turn away from behaviors that we know are not pleasing to the Lord,  or productive in our lives.  But we have God’s promise, that when we confess our sins he will be faithful and just in forgiving us and that he will cleanse us from all unrighteousness (see 1 John 1:9)
Once we’ve organized, filed,  repented and been cleansed,  we’ll  be able to clearly see that the leftovers are just plain old junk in our hearts. That we can now toss out. 
Happy Spring!  Happy cleaning and a happy new heart season to you!



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