My favorite Christmas Music Playlists 

You need this rundown of my favorite Christmas music Playlists in your life and not just for Christmas!

I listen to Christmas music all year long. I usually take a short break starting somewhere in March, but no later than July, I am ready for Christmas music again.

Music Playlists are a great way to set and keep a musical mood going in your home, your car, your life! Start the Playlist playing and it will continue to give you music for 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on which playlist you choose.

Christmas Music Makes A Great Backdrop For All Your Christmas Activities

But Christmas Playlists can be especially useful to set the Christmas mood during activities like:

  • Christmas decorating
  • Holiday cooking & baking
  • Christmas card prep
  • Gift wrapping
  • And more

And be sure to start a Playlist playing softly in the background during all of your holiday gatherings and celebrations

You can usually find music Playlists anywhere you find music online, but these lists are found on YouTube or Spotify.

My Top 6 Christmas Music Playlists:

These lists are mostly instrumental and are ideal for background music or just plain relaxing and hanging out at home. So let’s get started.

  1. THE CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS SOUNDTRACK PLAYLISTS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! – YouTube Sorry about all of the caps but this is definitely my go-to Christmas Playlist. I love to listen to this all year while cooking. And I’m not even joking when I tell you that my blood pressure start dropping at 15 seconds into the instrumental version of Christmas Time Is Here. This Playlist is 45 minutes long and seems to be the original special soundtrack.
  2. Christmas Lullabies – YouTube: Don’t let the name fool you. These are not kids songs. This Playlist consists of some of the most peaceful versions of traditional Christmas songs you will find anywhere . The Baby Relax Channel has several of these Christmas lullaby Playlists, but so far this one is my favorite. This Playlist is 4 hours in length
  3. Smokey Mountain Playlist-Spotify: If you want to feel like your having Christmas in a cozy Smokey Mountain cabin then try out this Playlist from the Smokey Mountain Christmas album. Playing time is 1hour 34 minutes.
  4. Traditional Instrumental Christmas Music – YouTube. This traditional Christmas music is played with piano, violin, and orchestra; and is set to a beautiful and changing indoor Christmas scene. The playing time is just over three hours.
  5. Christmas music and a Fireplace – YouTube. Need a fireplace for the holidays? This YouTube Playlist has you covered. This is from another lullaby channel. This time it’s the Lullaby Baby Channel. You can hear both the music and the crackling of the fire as you listen, and the visual is an actual fire in a fireplace. And you get a full 8 hours of music with this one.
  6. Instrumental Christmas Jazz Playlist- YouTube. After that introduction what more needs to be said? From the Relax Your Mind Channel and just over an hour in length.

Do You Have A favorite Playlist To Share?

Well, there you have it. Six of my favorite Christmas music Playlists to add to your holiday enjoyment. There are several other Playlists available, but I haven’t got to them all yet. If you have a favorite, that’s not on the list, I’d love to see the link in the comments. Thanks for stopping by and…..


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4 thoughts on “My favorite Christmas Music Playlists 

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Ruth, I am so glad you enjoyed it. The Lullaby Playlist is my second favorite. I love the music and also peaceful snowfall image on that one. I hope you have lots of peaceful moments to enjoy this Christmas!

  1. I LOVE Christmas music! I am one of those obnoxious people that puts it on before Thanksgiving. I mean shoot the stores already have the x-mas decorations out; why can’t I put on my Christmas jams:) CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS SOUNDTRACK PLAYLISTS is one my favorites too. #bloggingboost

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