Drawing Pictures In The Dark Game

Game loved by all ages. Use for showers, parties, Sunday school & youth groups
Loved by all ages. Use for showers, parties, Sunday school & youth groups

This has been my go-to game so many times. It’s fun for kids and adults too, making it a great time filler for:

  • Sunday school
  • youth groups
  • birthday parties
  •  baby or wedding showers.

This game takes very few supplies, and anywhere you are gathered with a group of children or adults you will probably already have the needed supplies on hand even if you hadn’t thought to prepare ahead .

Supplies needed 

 The only supplies needed are paper and pencil or pen. You don’t even have to have a dark area, drawing with their eyes closed is also a big hit. Making this a game you can pull out of your of your hat at the last minute for all sorts of occasions.  

Prizes Optional 

As far as prizes go they are very optional.  Kids and adults both  love this game. They  become so caught up with looking at and laughing about, everyone’s pictures, that the picture becomes like a prize in and of itself.  If you want to give prizes away you can vote as a group for things like:

  •  the funniest picture
  •  the most mixed up picture
  • The neatest/cleanest picture
  • Smallest picture
  • Largest picture

But in a Sunday school or youth group setting, where they will probably ask to do this game over and over, prizes really aren’t necessary.

Playing The Game

Supplies per person

  •  Piece of paper
  • Pencil,  pen, marker, or crayon

Directions for the game leader 

  • Explain the game to the players, instructing them to keep their eyes closed, if the players are not playing in the dark.
  •  When children are playing it often helps to explain to them that they will enjoy the game much more if they keep their eyes closed. Also explain to them that the object is not about having the best picture at the end, it’s about having fun.
  • Explain to the players that they will need to listen carefully  to your directions and only draw what you tell them and not to add to it unless you instruct them to.

Scene Scenarios 

You can make up your own picture scenarios but here are a couple that I like to use.  I will type it out just as if you were the player hearing me so that you can better understand how to instruct the players. If you are leading you can just read out loud or make up your own as you go.

House Scene

1 In the center of your paper draw a house, roof, and walls only. No door and no windows. (After each  instruction give them  a few seconds  to complete) 

2 On the right side of your house draw a tree, but only draw a tree. Do not put anything in or on the tree.  

3 To the left of your house draw a sun, but only a sun, no face. 

4 Now, go back to your house and draw a door and two windows. 

5 Now put 5 apples on your tree.  

6 Now put a face on your sun. 

The game can be over at this point. If you have a lot of time to fill  you could continue adding other things like:

  • a walkway to the  front door
  • A dog (add face or tail later)
  • a swing in the tree, etc.

Christmas scene 

1 On the right side of the paper draw a Christmas tree  with no star or decorations. (give a few seconds after each instruction for completing) 

2 On the left side of your paper draw a snowman, head, and body only, no face, no hat, no buttons. 

3  Now put a star on your tree.

4 Now put a bow tie on your snowman. 

5 Now put 2 gifts under your tree.

6 Put a face on your snowman

7 Put 3 ornaments on your tree

8 Put a hat on your snowman

Other things you can add if time allows;

  • A shovel for the snowman
  • other shaped ornament on the tree. 

Give this game a try. I promise you that players of all ages will love it. Make up your own scenes scenarios and have lots of fun. 

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