The List every Single Christian should Write.

The first Images that God gave me of my Husband-to-be were words written in my Prayer Journal. Down Lily Elizabeth Lane
The first Images that God gave me of my Husband-to-be were words written in my Prayer Journal. Down Lily Elizabeth Lane

What’s The List Every Single Christian should Write?

As a single Christian, the most important list you’ll ever make will be the list of traits you’re looking for in a mate. It’s something you should take your time on. It’s something you should pour your heart into. And it’s important that you collaborate with the Lord, through the process. This list should be a part of any Single Christian’s Prayer Journal.

We make all kinds of lists in life

We make lots of lists: To-do lists, Grocery lists, organizational lists and Do-not forget lists. These lists, keep our lives in order and give us a certain peace of mind. We make these lists because we’ve learned, through experience, that during an average day, it’s easy for us to forget something important.

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The First Time I Got Saved

My Testimony; The story of the first time I got saved. From Beth at Down Lily Elizabeth Lane.

My Testimony begins with The First Time I Got Saved. I was only a child, but it was just as real as any of the other times I got saved or rededicated my life.

It was also the first time that I would hear the Lord speak to me. However, it would be many years before I realized that.

Telling the story of my childhood salvation experience may seem like a strange place to start. But this is definitely where my story begins.

One Sunday morning

I was around five years old and sitting in a familiar Sunday school classroom in our home church. A freewill Baptist church in Flint MI. My father had been an assistant pastor in that church around the time I was born. But by this time, my mother and father were divorced and my two, much older, sisters were no longer attending church. Now, it was just my mother and me.

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Why Single and Divorced Christians should Embrace their Freedom. 

Single and divorced Christians should embrace their freedom. There may never be another time in your life just like this. And what a shame it would be if you allow feelings of regret, guilt, sorrow or loneliness to steal these special moments of your life.

Being a divorced or single Christian may be the last thing you want to be right now – trust me, I understand, I’ve been there. But being a Christian who has the freedom to serve God, in any way He leads you, is something you should embrace and celebrate.

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Do you Need to Spring Clean your Heart? Being Relationship Ready.   


    Are you relationship ready?  Has the slate of your heart (and mind)  been wiped clean so that you are ready to begin something new?  Or are you still holding on to the clutter from seasons past?  A Spring cleaning of the heart can be very beneficial   before single Christians move forward into new relationships    Are you trusting in God to direct your heart to the best possible mate for you?  Then doesn’t that person also deserve to receive the best

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Let me be the First to Tell You – I’m not Perfect.  

Let Me be the First to Tell You – I’m not Perfect

 I’m Not Perfect

  I’m not Perfect,  no one is perfect,  and Christians are no exception.  But if you were looking at a list of near perfect Christians,  my name would not on be found on that list….. I wanted you to know and I wanted to be the one to tell you.   You see when I started this blog I felt the Lord leading me, but I told the Lord that I was going to try it my way.  That wasn’t the right answer,  but I am certain it came as no surprise to the Lord. After all, He’s known me longer than my whole life, He knew me before he formed me (Jeremiah 1:5).   And so,  after wandering around in the blogging world for a few months, I have come to a place where I feel I know the direction that God wants me to go. And I am now ready to follow.    That’s going to mean some soul-baring on my part.  Soul-baring is going to be hard for someone as introverted (and proud) as me.  I could have been perfectly happy without ever letting you see,  anything close to,  the real me.  But that’s not blogging,  that’s creating an image.  

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When Jesus is your Valentine  (Loving The Lord) 

Valentines Day for Christian Singles on Down Lily Elizabeth Lane.
Valentines Day for Christian singles

Valentines Day can be one lonely feeling holiday when you are choosing to live a single life. You may know that you are walking in The Lord’s will for your life by choosing to remain single for a period of time. But whether it’s for a season of your life or for the rest of your life, there is something about the holidays that can make you want to revisit that decision.  Even when you’re surrounded by a wonderful support system,  there is

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My favorite Christmas Music Playlists 

You need this rundown of my favorite Christmas music Playlists in your life and not just for Christmas!

I listen to Christmas music all year long. I usually take a short break starting somewhere in March, but no later than July, I am ready for Christmas music again.

Music Playlists are a great way to set and keep a musical mood going in your home, your car, your life! Start the Playlist playing and it will continue to give you music for 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on which playlist you choose.

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Drawing Pictures In The Dark Game

Game loved by all ages. Use for showers, parties, Sunday school & youth groups
Loved by all ages. Use for showers, parties, Sunday school & youth groups

This has been my go-to game so many times. It’s fun for kids and adults too, making it a great time filler for:

  • Sunday school
  • youth groups
  • birthday parties
  •  baby or wedding showers.

This game takes very few supplies, and anywhere you are gathered with a group of children or adults you will probably already have the needed supplies on hand even if you hadn’t thought to prepare ahead .

Supplies needed 

 The only supplies needed are paper and pencil or pen. You don’t even have to have a dark area, drawing with their eyes closed is also a big hit. Making this a game you can pull out of your of your hat at the last minute for all sorts of occasions.  

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Making Journaling Photos  

Making Journaling Photos is a great way to record, keep, and display memories.
Making Journaling Photos is a great way to record, keep, and display memories.

Making Journaling Photos or informational photos  is a great way to record,  keep, and display memories.  They look great on social media pages but  are especially useful for scrapbooks or social media Memory  accounts.

Journaling photos are a combination of photos and information.  The purpose of a Journaling photo is to record, share,  and preserve information.  The action of creating a visual background for this information  will help to draw in your target audience by making the information more visually appealing.

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Christmas Cards Are Making  A Comeback  

Christmas Cards Are Making A Comeback, Here's some tips to get your cards mail-ready. From
Christmas Cards Are Making A Comeback, Here are some tips to get your cards mail-ready. From

Christmas cards are making a comeback. Hooray! I love receiving Christmas cards,  they make me remember the Christmases from my childhood.  Are you planning on sending out Christmas cards this year?  If so, you may want to start making your lists, and checking them twice,  to be sure your cards are ready to mail on time. 

Christmas Card Love Is A Multigenerational Affair 

If you’re a  Baby boomer or a Gen Xer,  then your memories of Christmases past probably include visions of  Christmas cards dancing in your head.  In the 70s,  when I was growing up,  the Christmas cards that your family had received  were as much a part of the decorations as the ornaments on the Christmas tree.  And sometimes,  the ornaments on your tree were made from the Christmas cards your family had received in years past.

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