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Down Lily Elizabeth Lane is the place where I’ll share a few of my favorite things. Look for: recipes, crafts, and tutorials, as well as inspirational pictures and quotes.
While you’re here take some time and look around. I hope you’ll find something you like and something useful, and I hope you’ll come back and see me often.

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                                                                      Beth B.
About Me
I was born and raised in Flint Michigan but I have lived my entire adult life in a small Kentucky town. This big/small North/South mix comes through a lot in my personality.  I love the Great Lakes and I love the mountains.
 I am now married to my best friend and we have an awesome story about how God brought two school classmates together,  from across the country,  after 24 years.  I was a mother at the ages of 18 and 22, and then again at the age of 42,  and I gained a step son in between.    Eight months after my youngest  daughter was born, my first grandchild was born,  a boy.  So I am a wife,  mother  and grandmother.
many of my favorite things are considered old-fashioned by today’s stafards.  I love things that are old-fashioned in appearance, style, thought and deed. Like:
  •  Old houses and furnishings.
  • Period clothing & novels.
  • Most any remembrance or salute to days gone by.
  • Old fashioned manners,
  • Biblical and classic ideas & values
  • And especially kind words and gestures that show love and grace to others.

My life is not perfect and I don’t  have an abundance of things.  But the one who I have placed my faith in,  Jesus Christ,  The Son Of God,  is perfect.  And He has given me an abundance of grace to walk through this average,  ordinary,  life with.

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Christian, wife, mother, grandmother.

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